The SapienceBI – SAP Fiori: Fast and Simple to Implement

SapienceBI’s SAP-Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Fiori includes the new SAP Fiori apps and enables the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5 and one or more Fiori Apps for full productive purposes in a fixed time and fixed price. – SAP Fiori apps provides a simple, easy to use consumer-grade user experience that work seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet, or smartphone. SapienceBI’s Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) implementation for SAP Fiori operationalizes your workforce immediately and brings instant value to your enterprise

Rapid-deployment solutions can help drastically reduce implementation efforts compared to a classic approach, since the base processes within the solution scope are very well defined best practices, and more efficient than defining custom-specific processes.